bjella ventures

supporting early phase

companies with a local heart

and a global mindset.

Aivero has developed a high performance, world-leading 3D (RGB-D) depth compression and streaming software for use in machine vision and robotics applications. Located in Stavanger, Norway.


Key investment factors: people, technology, scalability

Beyonder is a norwegian energy tech company that has developed the next generation of sustainable energy storage for the heavy-duty industry sector. The products, Li-ion capacitors and supercapacitors are designed to solve crucial customer problems within selected industries such as: renewable energy grids, transportation and offshore energy infrastructure. Located in Stavanger, Norway.


Key investment factors: people, sustainability, scalability

ReLi has created a rental model for women designer and quality clothing. The company supports a circular fashion industry by helping to reduce the environmental impact of unused clothes. Located in Stavanger, Norway


Key investment factors: sustainable business model, people, scalability


SGN Skis design and develop mountaineering and freeriding skis. Located in Sogndal, Norway.


Key investment factors: people, passion, design

Fauna. Eco is a platform that rewards and inspires consumers to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. Located in Oslo, Norway.


Key investment factors: technology, sustainable habits, community, people 

ByAuk is an urban community farming and social entrepreneurship project located in Stavanger, Norway. The company focus on social impact through facilitating for community, inclusion, learning and urban organic food production. Bjella Investments is one of the co-partners.


Key co-creations: urban community, sustainable food, impact, social entrepreneurship