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straen brygge

Key information

Straen Brygge (map) is a partner development project located in the northern part of Sandnes Indre Havn. The project, developed together with MAD Architects,  transforms the area into an urban village with a diverse mix of housing and commercial real estate. Gandsfjorden area has a unique maritime and industrial setting. The focus of the project has been social diversity combined with a sustainable development. Contact with water is an essential part of the project with a high degree of communal spaces.

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Key information

Centrally located in Kirkegata,Langgata, (map) there is an old shoe factory (Sandnes Skofabrikk) and two town houses from the early 20th century. Can this historical block contribute to an urban, diverse and sustainable development in Sandnes? We believe it can. Project starts in 2020. Photo: Jærmuseet, photographer unknown.

central forus


real estate

available for rent.

porsmyrveien 3

Key information

Historically known as the “Gamle Auto 2000”. One of the most centrally located and iconic buildings at Forus. Connected to the public bus road and E39. Good parking facilities and easy access to Kvadrat Kjøpesenter and other retail businesses.


Status: Available for rent
Adress: Porsmyrveien 3, Sandnes (map)
Facilities: Office/retail/sales
Parking: outdoor, ample
Total: 7,800 sqm

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nikkelveien 10

Key information

Located in Vibemyr, Sandnes. Constructed in 1984 for our own operations and it has been our main office until today. Today we have more than 15 tenants


Status:  Available for rent
Adress: Nikkelveien 10, Sandnes (map)
Facilities: Office/storage/retail
Parking: outdoor
Total: 6.600 sqm

project: loft3


project: loft 3

a creative co-working space and our main office.

Under development.

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